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Lotus IP Phone Setting
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  • The program will automatically detect 3G or WIFI to connection. If the connection is successful, the program will automatically connect to Pacific Long Distance 1636 server. If the connection not successful, the program will automatically select the appropriate data 3G connection.
  • Dial
  • When connection successful with the server, put the phone number to dial, click the CALL button to make a call.

  • Accept incoming calls
  • After the program connect to server, if any incoming call, the corresponding screen will appear, press to make a call or press to reject the call.
  • You can select the call history from call record and miss call. When you select the number, you can select the number or recall the number.
  • Address Book Management
  • Select the Address Book Management button, you can manage, edit and delete the user record. Slide your finger, you can slide up and down the address book. Select the name of correspondents, dial button appears, you can call each other's number.
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