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『 Call Filter 』Service
You can use our service to your friends, business partners or personal assistant to contact to this number. Use the 『Call Filter』Service to block any call.Using by frequent meetings, Travel, entertainment, driving, flying or Civil Service, Business executives, entertainers, presenters, lawyers, teachers, health.

  • Block Filter
  • You can unlimt block number ,when these number call to you,it will immediately be connected to 『unable to access, voice mail, hung up lines』's message to you from interference.
  • 『Shunt』Phone number combination
  • You can unlimt set the number to 『Shunt』list。The number of the list can default the process to forward to other number. e.g. mobile phone, Office...
  • Fax to Email
  • You can receive faxes anywhere, anytime, without fax machine to receive or send your email.

  • List of different greetings
  • Different calls, you can set up different greeting.

  • Manned change settings
  • 24-hour manned phone to call you immediately forwarded to a designated phone number.

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