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  • IDD Forwarding
  • Don't worry the cost of any call!

The rate of Auto Roaming has always been skyrocketing; every minute will cost you tens of dollars. Now, you can enjoy standard low flat rate of IDD Call Forwarding service no matter you are in Mainland China or other European countries. All you have to do is simply forward the numbers you usually used to the delegated Roaming Number before you leave Hong Kong. Then you can be reached at your designated landline/mobile number when someone calls the numbers that you have forwarded.

To use the IDD Call Forwarding service, users only have to forward their numbers to the IDD Call Forwarding platform and set the telephone number of their destinations before they leave Hong Kong. Users can use the lowest IDD cost, to receive incoming calls from Hong Kong in foreign countries, save up the expensive cost in traditional Auto Roaming rate.

  • Step 1
  • 1. Before leaving Hong Kong, forward all incoming calls to IDD Call Forwarding Service number 5806xxxx
  • 2. Press 1 for Call Forward Setting, and enter the 10-digit PIN number on the card. Then press 1 again to activate the IDD Call Forwarding service.
  • 3. Enter your final IDD Call Forward number (00+ Country Code+ Area Code+ Local telephone number+ # )
  • Step 2
  • 1. When you have reached your destination, change the SIM Card into the local ones.
  • 2. Suspend your IDD Call Forward Service once you have been back to Hong Kong.

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